Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Furniture

I just see with horror that the last blog was a month ago - how time flies when you are having fun fun fun.
Two really exciting pieces of news - the great big hole in the middle of the yard has finally been filled in at huge expence, involving a heavy duty drain cover, concrete and some specially fabricated steel; secondly the conatainer full of fabulous furniture has arrived is upacked ,priced and looking wonderful in our warehouse. So we have ample parking and lots to see at Honeystreet!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The first day of March

After a total fog out an absolutely brilliant sunny day down at the warehouse. We have opened all the doors to try to get the interiors warmer - (those of you who have visited us in the winter must know what I mean) and John has taken off not one but two of his customary seven tops.

The team have had a really busy day today as the phones have been ringing and the orders for Easter rushing in. We are trying hard to turn the orders round and keep the stock moving.

Our big plan for this weekend is the famous Fairtrade Fair and Fashion Show in the Corn Exchange in Devizes. We've been busy mocking up the stand and John will be there on Saturday manning the The India Shop tables ........

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Back from India

John and I are safely back from an amazing buying trip in India. We had been really pleased to have budget flights on Kingfisher Airways, but had been rather worried when in India to read in the Indian press of many cancelled flights due to financial troubles. However in the event all was well and we even arrived in Heathrow a little bit early! We are very excited as we have seen some of our Fair Trade suppliers and heard about their social projects as well as sourcing some brilliant new goodies for Winter 2012.

Anybody who showed at the Handicraft Fair in Greater Noida did well thanks mostly to many new buyers from China and Japan. Noah's Ark did particularly well and this has meant that his ongoing water filter project can continue.

Now, of course we can't wait for our samples to arrive and the photography to start for next season.